I am Hamdullah Baycar. I pursued my PhD from the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies in 2023, where I studied nationalism, national identity, and the nation-building projects of the United Arab Emirates. In this sense, this project reflects my broader interest in academia.

As a sub-region of the Middle East, the Gulf has gained academic attraction in recent years. However, despite its current popularity, the region is still understudied and has not been well-defined. Even when it comes to studies, there is no good source where researchers can engage in interdisciplinary studies.

Thanks to the Gulf Studies Project, one can access what has been written about the Gulf throughout time and from different perspectives. In this project, we collect books, articles, theses, and conference papers to provide a hub for literature review and bring the studies into one place to help interdisciplinary studies. Moreover, we aim to collect syllabi and handbooks from worldwide and support researchers who want to provide Gulf-related courses or programs. On our blog pages, we collect Gulf and Gulf studies-related content.

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If you have any questions or want to contact us, please visit our Contact page. If you want to suggest a source, please complete the Suggest Content form. My academic page can be accessed through my Academia page.